DR System 3 Acrylic Screen Printing Medium 1L

DR System 3 Acrylic Screen Printing Medium 1L

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Turn your acrylic paints into screen printing inks.

Daler-Rowney System3 Screen Printing Medium is specially formulated for use with Daler-Rowney System3 Acrylic colours. The two combine to produce economical, low-odour, water-based screen printing ink which is regarded worldwide as the finest of its kind. System3 Screen Printing Medium slows down on-screen drying of acrylic colour, reducing the risk of screen blocking and making it easier to wash out. If screens are kept moist System3 Screen Printing Medium will wash out easily with soap and water. It can be thinned with water. Even after mixing with System3 Screen Printing Medium, System3 Acrylic colours retain great density of colour, and very substantial covering power can be achieved on paper, card and board.


The System3 Screen Printing Acrylic Inks are easy to clean off equipment with water, and are safe, solvent-free alternatives to traditional oil-based inks making them ideal for screen printing on paper, fabric and board.


Mix 1 volume of System3 Screen Printing Medium with 1 volume of System3 Acrylic to make the screen printing ink.

Made in England.

Daler-Rowney is particularly proud to continue the long heritage of manufacturing System3 Screen Printing Medium in the United Kingdom, based in the South of England, in Bracknell.