Sennelier Oil Sticks

Sennelier Oil Stick YellowSennelier Extra-Fine Solid Oil Sticks permit a new approach to oil painting in both colour and material, offering more freedom of expression for oil painters.

These Sennelier Oil Sticks are based on:

  • pure pigments
  • safflower oils (siccatives), selected for their resistance to yellowing over time, and used to bind the pigments
  • mineral wax, which gives the solid consistency

Sennelier Oil Sticks offer creamy smoothness and ease of application to traditional oil painting mediums such as canvas, wood panel and fine art papers. The same archival priming (acrylic gesso or oil ground) as 'normal' oil painting is required.

You can use these oil stocks for an entire painting, or in combination with oil colours in tubes.

Before use, the surface film will need to be peeled off. This will form again after a few days of non-use, protecting and conserving the oil stick.

Sennelier Oil Stick RedThe oil sticks are applied in a thin film application of no more than 1mm thick. Once applied, they can be painted over with oil stick or oil paint, and if desired, diluted with turpentine.

An Oil Stick medium - a colourless oil stick - is available and can be used to produce transparent effects and glazes.

Once applied, the surface will typically dry in 2-5 days. You must wait 6 months before varnishing, allowing the colour to completely dry. Use a soft brush or spray to apply the varnish coat so the oil stick marks are not disturbed.

Sennelier Oil Sticks are available as opaque and transparent colours, and offered in 2 sizes, as well as in sets.

There are a range of techniques for applying the oil sticks - come in store and we'll be happy to advise further!

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Source: Sennelier


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